For 25+  years I have been doing private readings for individuals, business managers and corporate executives from around the world.  Here is a sampling of what some of my clients are saying.

“Queen what would I do without you? This reader is Amazing and very

personable. I will call again and again. Thanks you so much! ” Jennifer


 “Queen, you are the best! Your insight, compassion and accuracy are

amazing. Thank you and talk to you soon.” Marhar

“Queen, you are the most down to earth advisor I have ever spoken to. I wish you all the Thank you’s in the world. I will keep calling you for insights. ”  Jenny

“Thank you god for this angel you’ve placed on my shoulder. She has been on point since day one, and has lead me out the dark into the light! Shes truly a blessing to me. Everything thus far has come to pass . Call her you wont be sorry!! THANK YOU MY QUEEN!!!! ” Reese311

This hasn’t been the first time Queen has been on target. Queen picked up on a job opportunity, she said I would get it and they would hire me in August. Wow, she’s amazing! I got the call on Friday!!! 🙂 Queen’s predictions and insight have been always right. She picks up on the situation immediately…does not waste minutes. I feel assured and at peace whenever I speak with Queen. She’s warm, and tells it like it is. Please give her a call now! Thanks again Queen and many blessings to you!” Shivaya

Queen is one of the best. I have been talking to her since 2005 I believe, on and off. She has always been accurate in her predictions, insight, and advise. I love it best when she has her sales, lol…it helps a lot. Thank you so much for your help throughout all the years. Merry Christmas Queen to you and your family.”  loveyoualways

Always empowering to speak with you. Thank you for your guidance and insight on the issue. Always a go to! ” Silky

“Simply the best. Thank you Queen!! Always helpful ALWAYS truthful!! Has never stirred me wrong!!” Mistreal

“I am so thankful that I called you. You really put me at ease and set my priorities straight. I really will follow up again with you. Sorry finds ran out and had to go. You were exactly the person I need to talk to. Very greatly to have the opportunity to have a real advisor who knows exactly what to say and tell me the truth.” Angeljc1

“The Queena is always honest. Her readings are spot on! She gives you the truth whether you want it or not. If you listen to her advice, you can’t go wrong! Awesome customer service!” lapoupee

“Good reading!! Helpful advice as well as helpful info regarding the questions I had. Will let you know how your reading and predictions unfold. Blessings my friend 🙂 ” Armani82

“Awesome read! Picked up exactly on my husband ways. I appreciate the read clarity guidance on my marriage and work. Ty! ” Member577067

“Thank you for you honest reading. I will reevaluate my decision and consider what you mentioned. You presented a different perspective on things and thanks for showing me.” Silky Doll

“The best ever. Has not steered me wrong! Always has your best interest at heart. Thanks Queen! ” SugarSugar

“Thank You, Queen, for picking me up when I fall. Your powerful insights are my guiding light, you are shining star, powerful, kind, accurate and truly gifted.” Cd123

“God bless you queen. The right words and insights I need. You helped pick me back up this morning. Thank you” Btrfly9

“I’ve had two very different readings with this reader this year–and I was hesitant to reach back out, but yesterday’s reading was exactly the advice I needed to hear–presented very kindly. Thank you very much. “darlingnikki

“If I could give her more than 5 stars I would. She’s accurate and gives you a piece of mind when you’re concerned. She’s comforting and amazing and very knowledgeable and just down to earth sense. Call her, you will be glad you did!! ” Katrina0525

“Queen is one of the best. I have been talking to her for about 10 years now. She SLAYS. I have spoken to her through some of my darkest moments. She is the best of the BEST. …AND NOTHING LESS!!  Leroy

“This woman is truly a gift from above ! She’s on point with everything and her details were very accurate ! Thank you again for all of the positive words and guidance. ” Steven

“Queen rocks. She is super positive and strategic in her perspectives/readings – great stuff. She is a MUST call. Blessings to you!”   movingon3285739

“My favorite on reader ever. Always so happy to hear Queens funny and accurate descriptions of what I need to do…love her!”  kaila808

“I always appreciate Queen. another quick spot-on reading ~ take care and thank you Queen. ” RealEstateCat


” Thank You Queen your accuracy is phenomenal. I appreciate your assistance in my current matter. You are amazing. Talk to you soon.”  barb27

“Wow, this was my first time getting read by you and I was amazed by what you picked up on. Thanks! I will call back. Many blessings to the new year!!! 🙂 ”  MissMoto

“Thank You very honest, accurate, helpful, quick doesnt waste your time.”  roses4